LIFELINE LLJG  Jungle Gym (New Other)

LIFELINE LLJG Jungle Gym (New Other)

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LIFELINE LLJG  – $30 (Tax included)


Take your workout with you with the Lifeline Jungle Gym. This easy-to-adjust system sets up in minutes and provides endless exercise options. This jungle gym makes the most of multi-plane movement with a split-anchor and foot cradle design, using your own body weight for strength training.


More Information

Easy adjustment length for endless exercise options

Unique design provides total body weight training and utilizes multi-plane movement

Foot cradle and split anchor design adjust forces on the body

Compact design makes it portable

Compatible accessories (sold separately): Lifeline jungle gym XT metal mounts


Details and Specs:

Material Nylon; Plastic

Width 130.96 cm

Height 130.96 cm

Depth 32.26 cm

Weight 1.3 kg


It comes with 30 days warranty

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